Frequently Asked Questions

  • ❱ Can Endless vary the rings widths, thicknesses or combine designs?

    All of our designs, with very few exceptions, can be manufactured in endless variation arrays. All non-diamond design rings (C-Series excluded) are offered in standard 5-8mm widths and in 3 thicknesses: Light (1.3-1.5mm), Regular (1.6-1.9mm) and Heavy (2.0-2.3mm). Ring variations in diamond counts, widths, thicknesses and shapes are available as well. Designs can also be combined. Please call or email with specific requests.

  • ❱ What are the available metal options?

    Every ring we make is available in Platinum (pure 95%), Palladium (pure 95%), 18kt (yellow, rose, white & two-tone), 14kt (yellow, rose, white & two-tone), 10kt (yellow, rose, white & two-tone), Tarnish Resistant (Zilverium™)Sterling Silver and Alloy. We do not make our rings in non-precious Titanium, Tungsten, Cobalt, Stainless or other flavor of the month metals.

  • ❱ What is the Endless stock rotation and competitor buy-out policy?

    Our stock rotation policy for inferior performance rings is a one for one exchange. You never have to buy more unless you want to increase your selection. Our competitor buy-out programs are custom-fitted to your specific situation. Call or email with specifics and we will be glad to help you out.

  • ❱ How long is the Endless delivery time?

    Our standard delivery time for special orders are 10 business days. Some custom orders may take longer. However, most orders, if needed sooner (even with design variations) can be made within 72 hours. Stock orders take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete. Call or email for product availability with specific requests..

  • ❱ What methods of payment does Endless accept and do you offer discounts?

    We accept your company checks, cash, all major credit cards and clean precious metal scrap. We offer a 15% discount (for Silver stock orders only) when you prepay on the date you place the order or 3% discount for payment by credit card on the shipping date for most orders. Credit approved accounts that pay by check within 10 days of the invoiced date may also receive a 3% discount. We offer a great scrap buy-out deal that can save you up to 20% (as compared to sending to a refinery that charges assay fees, refining fees, low assay values and profit percentages). We’ll buy your clean 14kt scrap (rings, chains, broken jewelry, discontinued samples) at $2.00 per Dwt above 100% scrap value as prepayment for stock or special orders. For example: @ $1300 Gold Market we will pay $39.92 per Dwt for 14kt scrap. We will not accept polishing, bench or floor sweeps in the scrap deal. We will accept Platinum, Palladium, 18kt, 14kt and 10kt clean scrap (Silver excluded). Call or email with details for proper quote.

  • ❱ Can I send Endless pictures or samples to replicate?

    We can replicate and custom change most non-copyrighted machined rings. We also work with independent CAD contractors that can generate specialized wedding ring themes. Email, fax or send us the image, sketch or sample, with a detailed request and we’ll promptly notify you with availability and cost.

  • ❱ What is Alloy?

    Alloy is a mixture of brass, zinc, copper and other non-precious metals that are formed into 12’ rods, machine-bored into seamless tubing, cut into ring blanks, designed into machined wedding rings and palladium/rhodium plated to maintain their luster for the purpose of affordably showcasing wedding ring designs. We have many cost-effective and affordable alloy ring programs. Call or email to request more information.

  • ❱ Why does Endless recommend sampling the line in Sterling Silver?

    Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver rings are precious metal samples that can be marketed as a lower price-point alternative to tungsten, titanium and cobalt. The Sterling sample is closer in weight and feel to the premium precious metal you’d prefer to sell and a far better option than Alloy at a marginal cost differential. They’re made from seamless tubing and are treated with our proprietary finishing process that renders them virtually tarnish resistant.

  • ❱ Does Endless supply displays and are the rings pre-tagged?

    We can supply customizable displays upon request. We also professionally tag the rings in all stock orders.

  • ❱ Does Endless have updatable pricelists?

    We professionally tag the rings in all stock orders with up to four different metal retail prices according to your markup.

  • ❱ Can Endless stamp my trademark inside the rings?

    When you carry a fair representation (36 rings), you qualify to participate in our private label program that allows you to exclusively market your own brand inside of our rings. (A one-time trademark creation fee of $100 will apply)

  • ❱ Can Endless engrave the inside of my special order?

    Yes, we offer free inside drag engraving on all special orders.

  • ❱ What is Endless' diamond quality and can I supply my own diamonds?

    Our standard diamond quality is G-H color SI1-2 clarity full cut diamonds. Other grades are available upon request. You can supply your own diamonds when submitted with your order.

  • ❱ Where are the Endless rings made and how long has Endless been in business?

    For more than 30 years, our wedding rings are manufactured domestically in our factory in Carle Place, NY. The company is family operated and the principals have over 100 combined years of jewelry manufacturing experience.

  • ❱ Do I need a Return Authorization number to return an item?

    Yes, all returns require a return authorization number from our customer service department. Please refer to our Return Policy.

  • ❱ Does Endless offer a money back guarantee?

    We promise that you will have at least a one-time dollar turn on your initial samples (Alloy or Sterling Silver) stock order the first year or we’ll buy it back for what you paid for it.

  • ❱ Does Endless resize and refinish customer’s rings?

    We will re-size (up to .5 size) and re-finish most of our rings for your customers for free. There will only be a charge for shipping. Most diamond (U-Series), casted (C-Series) and overlay (O-Series) rings are excluded.

  • ❱ Does Endless sell to the general public?

    We do not sell directly to the public. We only sell to verifiable jewelry businesses. Please feel free to contact us to get a list of retailers in your area.

  • ❱ Can I return the rings if customers change their minds?

    We will accommodate returns on the rare occasion that your customer’s plans change, a 20% re-stocking fee may apply. Frequent abusers are subject to standard trade exchanges.

  • ❱ Does Endless offer coop advertising or ready to use artwork?

    If you are a customer, every image on our website can be used for your marketing purposes. We do not offer coop advertising but our staff can help you create ready to use art work specifically for your situation. Call or email us for more information.

Note: Endless reserves the right to make pricing and policy changes without prior notice. Version-2016